"I was going through a difficult financial time in my life, which lead to me being charged for failing to have insurance and a suspended licence. Speedsters treated my driving record as if it was their own, and was able to deliver impeccable results. The firm treated me like family, and I continue to refer friends and family to them." - Mark

"I was charged a total of six times for driving with a suspended license, I hired the best for the job, and they took care of me and my driving record. I thank Speedsters for all their hard work its thanks to them I was not imprisoned. They really cared and for me personally, not only my driving record." - Jeff

"I had a difficult tenant that was making my life hell, I hired Tadlegal and they were outstanding and evicted my tenant. They were so professional from the start, and watched over my property like it was their own as I continue to reside in Arizona." - RK

"I am a real estate agent that was having problem with a tenant who accused me of false allegations, I hired TADlegal and they were able to bring the truth into light and evicted this difficult tenant." - SK

"I needed help with a civil law suit, I hired a painter who took my money and delivered a terrible job. Thanks to Speedsters they were able to track this person down and commence a law suit against them. I was really impressed with how professional, and fast they were able to get me my judgement". - Nancy

"I am an employer who was sued by an employee for some false allegations Tadlegal was able to appeal my case and prove my innocents, I am forever thankful for their hard work." - JG

"I was charged with hitting a pedestrian, this was a very depressing time in my life. I knew I was not guilty but no one but no one stood beside until the end like Speedsters did. I was able to maintain my innocence, and still continue to refer Speedsters to my friends and family." - Mohammad

"I had a tenant living in my Toronto house; this person was always late paying his rent. He caused me a lot of grief since I live in Arizona. I hired Speedsters and they where able to get the tenant evicted, and all owing rent paid. No matter where I was residing speedsters kept me always informed of my case, the staffs was very helpful and was able to accommodate my situation throughout the process. Thanks to them I quickly got control of my house back, I even refer Torontonians who live in Arizona now to this firm." - Eli

"I was a tenant living in fear because my landlord threatened me with a knife, I hired TADlegal services and was able to sue my landlord and recover a very satisfying reward." - MK

"I was charged for stunt driving, Speedsters treated my record as their own. The hard work of this firm was evident when they able to dismiss the charges. They are great at what they do; I still continue to have a great relationship with everyone in the firm." - Yang

"I am real estate professional so driving is a big part of my job, I was charged with Careless Driving following an accident that was completely my fault. Speedsters treated me like family, and where able to withdraw the charges completely. I urge people who depend on their drivers licence to make a living to contact them they are great!" - Eddie

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