This judicial body has jurisdiction over perspective Landlord and Tenant Matters in Ontario. The board has multiple locations across Ontario to help with Tenancy disputes. Our firm is most familiar with Landlord and Tenant matters, our reputation is impeccable when representing our clients before this government body. We strive to give our clients the desired outcome for their matter. We hold ourselves as being professional and responsible to our clients. Our experience with this judicial body helps us in handling complex cases, and seeking fair compensation.


The Landlord and Tenant Board tend to favor the Tenants in matters brought before them, because most of the time the Tenant’s, As such, we at LEGALdisputes.CA are able to help Landlords in their dispute against a difficult Tenant who is not cooperating with your numerous attempts to resolve the dispute. Landlords already are at a disadvantage due to the boards inhibited views of Landlords; let us help you resolve your matter today. As a landlord any error or mistake on your application can costs you several thousands, that’s why it is important that a legal professional handle your case from the start, rather than having dismissed for errors which can cause you lots of time and money.

Landlord applications can involve:
Property damage
Failure to pay rent
Failure to pay rent on time
Defend claims made by tenants
Eviction of tenants


We also take great pride in representing tenants in their dispute against landlord, we help accommodate our client in every way, as we strive to find fair grounds in their dispute against landlord or perspective landlords. Please contact us to discuss your case in detail and how we can be of assistance.

Tenant Claims can involve: Poor state of living conditions
Maintenance applications
Claims of damages
Claims for moving
Claims for changing locks
Getting locked out by landlord

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