Criminal Driving Charges:

DUI’s (Driving Under the Influence)/Impaired Driving

o DUI is different than standard drunk-driving offences. o DUI charges do not require police to prove that you were affected by a specific amount of alcohol – only that you were affected by some amount of alcohol or drugs.
o DUI charges are generally based on police observations about your driving, actions or demeanor, which may suggest that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, rather than a breath test.
o Being charged with DUI can be a challenging and upsetting experience, especially if it is your first time in court.
o However, you can count on the dedicated legal team at Speedsters Legal Services to help you every step of the way; from explaining the charges to you, to representing you in court if necessary.

Driving while intoxicated by drugs / Drug Driving

o Drug driving involves driving when you have drugs in your systems
o It is different to a DUI charge as there is no requirement for the prosecution to prove hat you were affected by the drugs—it is enough that you had drugs in your system
o Being charged with drug driving can have a devastating impact on your future life, affecting your ability to drive and work.
o However, Speedsters Legal Services team will be able to help you as we are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you defend the charges, so that you can get your life back on track.

Dangerous Driving

o Being charged with a dangerous driving offence can be a distressing and emotional experience, which can result in serious outcomes including imprisonment.
o Because of the seriousness of the penalties that can apply in these cases, it’s vital that you get Speedsters Legal Services on your side who can effectively defend you or push to have the matters dropped outside of court.
o With years of experience defending and winning ‘dangerous driving’ matters, you can count on us to give you the best possible defence in your dangerous driving case.

Reckless Driving

o Reckless driving refers to situations where you drive in a manner that creates an ‘obvious and serious risk of causing physical injury to any other road user or substantial damage to property.’
o Reckless driving therefore includes situations where you ‘drive furiously’ or at a dangerous speed.
o Reckless driving may give rise to onerous penalties that can impede your ability to work and travel, such as being disqualified from driving and even prison sentences.
o However, you can give yourself the best chance at avoiding these harsh penalties by enlisting the help of Speedsters Legal Services who have the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively fight the charges and secure a positive outcome in your case.

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